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12 Best Email Marketing Tips

Email is one of the most effective marketing mediums out there. Did you know that it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways you can use to promote your company?

The way you do email marketing is basically by sending out newsletters – a type of periodical (weekly, monthly…) letter/email you send out to a predetermined list of contacts. For readers, newsletters offer an easy way to stay in touch with their favorite brands. For senders, newsletters are a powerful way to stay top of mind with readers, providing a direct route to getting their attention.

In this article we will give you the ultimate formula with a 12 best email marketing tips for your campaign. There is a series of things you can do to achieve amazing results with a newsletter. It’s easy as sending a text message. The only difference is that the messages you are sending are usually promoting something in the end. The load that comes with promoting is what you have to pay attention to.

So the one million dollar question here is: How can you create a newsletter that gets opened every time you send it?

Table of Contents:

12 Best Email Marketing Tips

1.  Know your audiences

Research is your key to success. Whenever you want to buy something, the first thing you do is start researching options, prices, benefits, etc. This must be true in any type of selling that you do from now on. The difference between good salespeople and bad salespeople is the amount of information they know and take into consideration when selling something to someone. They know the context, preferences, benefits of what they are selling and basically every other information that they can use in their advantage. It’s almost like having a deck of cards with an infinite number of Jokers. To move into the side of those who can sell anything, start doing your homework. Research your audience, know what they like, understand how they relate to your brand… In addition, make sure you cover the more specific points such as their locations (this brings along time zones and consequently influences the time in which you should send your emails), age, main gender, languages spoken, etc.
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2.  Choose your nich

You don’t need huge audiences for your newsletter to be valuable, you just need the right people — those who care and who are engaged. This goes against the intrinsic feeling that we often have in marketing: the bigger the reach, the best. However, it not always goes that way. In the case of email marketing, it would make no sense to reach one million people if they are not interested in what you have to say, and ultimately, wouldn’t buy what you could try to sell them. To know exactly what your niche is, pay attention to your customer base panorama and start picking the most frequent or best clients you have. Then study them. Pick one that better represents all your best clients. Make a perfect profile. Is it he/she? How old? Married? Kids? Profession? Clothing? Entertainment? What else? Then even give he/she a name. After you do that, you will be sitting right in front of the perfect person to buy from you. That’s the kind of people you should go after and have in your mailing list. Then, it’s just a matter of writing to them, then giving them something (a tip, gift, discount) and then getting on your sales shoes. All that will be done through…
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3.  Communicate with your audience

You should communicate with your audience as if you were talking to a friend - People buy from who they like and feel comfortable with. So if you talk to them as a friend, you are halfway through a sale. The most valuable tip here is this one. In order to deliver the emails freely and facilitate your own efforts, let your personality shine, just like in a personal letter. Keep a pure, honest conversation with your readers, and if they appreciate it, they’ll reward you by opening up your newsletter each time. They will have fun reading your emails, just like they do when they open a friend’s. In addition, personalize the subject line and the email content according to what’s trending among your audience and anything interesting that you could bring them.

4.  Be interactive in your emails

Friends not only maintain dialogs, but they also play with each other, make jokes, ask questions, tease and so on. A little bit of humor and inquiring could go a long way in establishing a deeper relationship with your audience and making them feel at home with your brand. The great takeaway here is that with jokes and questions, your emails will be a lot easier to read and they will grasp the audience’s attention.

5.  Stick to single message emails

Most people share newsletters with one powerful message. This is the best way to keep it simple and maintain a flow in the message. Too many topics and ideas can get confusing. Don’t worry about sounding too simplistic – friends usually do not go into much-complicated topics anyway, and if they do, they do it as simple as can be. The good thing is that you will have an infinity of email to send over time and it’s better to save some topics to be covered in the future. To decide what your messages should contain, you must consider what you subscribers want, what their pain points are, what they are interested in, and with this understanding decide what will be the one golden message in your newsletters.

6.  Offer value

This was mentioned above but must be reiterated. Adding something to people’s lives is what you should try to do with your newsletters always. People get much more engaged with content that provides them value, something that brings them an insight, a powerful tip or even free coffee. Your subscribers will share newsletters that inform others, bring value and create awareness towards something. This will bring you more followers/subscribers and consequently more deals over time.

7.  Create enticing subject lines

One single line goes a long way here. This is the very tipping point in email marketing. Subject lines should be so compelling that when a person sees your email in their mailbox, they immediately stop whatever else they are doing and go straight to your email to see what you have in stock.

8.  Images and links affect your deliverability

Use them wisely. Pretty much all email providers have spam filters and other technologies to prevent unwanted emails from reaching their users’ mailboxes. These tools use specific parameters to determine whether an email is wanted or not, and they include the analysis of images and links. Too much of them could red flag the emails you send.

9.  Mobile matters

Check this fact out: a recent “State of the email” research by Litmus discovered that over 50% of all emails in 2017-2018 were viewed on mobile devices. No need to say anything else on this.

10.  Create a compelling design

Although you may not be a professional designer, you can use your layouts to guide the reader into some kind of action such as clicking on a button or responding to your email. Many email marketing services allow you to put together your own designs, so use this to your advantage.

11.  Your landing page

Once you've got your readers interested and lead them into clicking and visiting your site, you have to meet their expectations… Build an amazing landing page with SITE123 so you can present your product, blog post, service or whatever you are promoting, in a much brighter light. This can be done very quickly using SITE123 platform and the results you get are just incredible. SITE123 is definitely the best when it comes to creating nice landing pages quickly.

12.  Track, test, and optimize your email newsletters

In other words, let the data talk to you. Numbers will always have something to tell you. If you keep an open eye and track the results of your email campaigns, you will be able to understand how your audience reacts to each kind of content and be able to optimize all the aspects of your emails in order to get better results continuously.


Did you understand a bit more about why people forward and subscribe to newsletters? This is your time to shine. With the tips above, nice products or services and awesome landing pages made with SITE123, it will be easy to get on the way to great email marketing and wonderful results.

Remember to keep your eyes open to trends, responses from your audience and other signs along the way. See this as a never-ending cycle, in which you keep trying, testing, learning and growing on and on over time.

Unite the skills you normally put into your business with your new email marketing skills and the sky is the limit. And here is a soft push from a friend: go do it!!!
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