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10 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Engagement

See how these methods will make your customers and clientele respond more often.

Email marketing is a valid way to reach customers, stay in touch with clients and even to make sales. Some experts estimate about a 25% open/read rate for email newsletters in general. Here are some tips to encourage greater readership and engagement:

Table of Contents:

10 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Engagement

1.  Email marketing templates

Choose Email marketing templates that are professional and aesthetically appealing, like those available from SITE123, the free website development tool company. The overall appearance of the newsletter can make the difference between whether a person who opens the newsletter reads it and stays around to engage or is turned off and closes the email.
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2.  Contact information

Add your contact information, website, email, phone and fax to every issue. Make it a permanent part of the email marketing templates you use. Having this information prominently displayed encourages the reader to write, call or click through to the website.

3.  Content

Select content that is lively, varied, timely, fresh, valuable and relevant to the target audience so they will look forward to each issue. You can choose from many types of content: a blog on your website, an article, a guest post, a video, a link to a forum thread, cartoons, photos, graphics, client testimonials, inspirational quotes, advertisements and more.

4.  Enticing lead-in paragraph

Instead of giving the entire article, give an enticing lead-in paragraph and a link to "read more." That link will carry the reader to your website or blog to read the rest. While there, he or she may find other interesting things to look at (hopefully).

5.  Encourage feedback

Encourage feedback. Ask for reader opinions. Develop interactive surveys and polls to embed as a box in the newsletter.

7.  Call-to-action words

Tell your readers through words to take action. Use call-to-action words, like "Sign up now for our seminar," "Contact us," "See our latest events online," or "View our YouTube video."

8.  Encourage Sharing

Encourage readers to share your newsletter by forwarding it and let them know every issue you have an archive of older issues on the website in case they want to read something later. Provide a link to "older issues."

9.  Special sales/deals

Highlight special sales/deals available for limited time only or exclusively for newsletter readers.

10.  Social media buttons

Add all your social media buttons to the newsletter so readers can connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and any others.


Driving email marketing engagement should be a primary goal of every newsletter. Email marketing templates that are designed well, without clutter and distractions, entice readers to stay around but the content still needs to be compelling for them to stay around.

Make it as easy and simple as possible for your readers to click through to the website, engage with you on social media, share your content, send you an email, attend an event, or buy your products. They will be happy that you simplified the process and that should make you happy too.
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