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10 Tips to Improve a Website

Our website design people are often asked a simple question by folk they know, and it’s this: “What’s the one thing I should do to improve my website?”. Of course, there isn’t a single answer apart from the standard response we’ve carefully taught everybody: “Come to SITE123 and create it for yourself”!

In reality, there are many way to improve a website. Here, in no specific order, are ten key questions, and they’d act as a terrific quick test as you examine your own:

Table of Contents:

10 Tips to Improve a Website

1.  Responsive website

Is your website ready to be easily viewed and used across a range of different platforms? Many have been designed purely for desktop or laptop, and can lose shape and focus when visitors try to access them using iPads or mobiles.
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2.  Eye catching elements

Does it quickly grab a visitor? When someone clicks through, their arrival should instantly be followed by a sub-conscious recognition of interest. Otherwise, they may head elsewhere.

3.  User friendly

Is it easy to navigate? People arrive at a home or landing page expecting to be able to move on. If the process is not quickly clear, you may have lost them again.

4.  Themes

Is it consistently themed? A great advantage of our terrific range of templates is that your complete website is instantly themed through every page – each one showing it belongs to the whole.

5.  HTML5

Does it make full use of HTML5? Many older sites don’t. They are losing much of the flexibility and variety offered by the host of terrific new multi-device oriented features. Which brings us to the next question…

6.  Modern look

Is your website simply tired? You know them when you see them, a bit like those shops where their window displays seem still to be from another age.

7.  Importance of information

Do you include all necessary information on every page? Make it easy for any visitor to take action, by providing the basic information about your business, starting with the identifying logo, and such key detail as opening hours, payment methods, location advice, contact methods and the like. It’s amazing how many still miss out the occasional important point.

8.  Proof-read!

Has your website been proof-read? If a single person creates and manages it, there is a danger that their brain will ignore any simple spelling errors and the like, simply because it knows what they meant to say! Make sure it’s checked – a simple error can prove disastrous to the impression you are aiming to deliver.

9.  Fonts

Is your use of fonts effectively controlled? You’ll see websites that look messy and cluttered simply because too many different fonts have been used. Content needs to be easily read, off-putting fonts bar the brain from doing so.

10.  E-commerce

Are you making the most of e-commerce opportunities? This isn’t simply about making such offers, it's about the whole process from finding an item to completing the purchase and this should be both simple and user-friendly. Our Livecity team are highly experienced at the creation of stunning and complete, fully-productive, e-commerce sites.


Ten questions, each suggesting a way by which a website might be improved. If we can help with these, or any other areas, please use the Got A Question box on this page to start a conversation.
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