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10 Tips For Bloggers To Boosting The Number Of Blog Subscribers

These are the best ways to gain more blog subscribers. Increase your traffic and grow your blog.

Sometimes bloggers get so caught up in churning out great content on a regular basis they forget some of the most fundamental factors that are critical for blogging successfully. One factor that every blogger should consider is growing his or her subscriber base. As a blogger, you probably know your dedicated blog readers that keep coming back for more. You also probably know those people who consistently read and share your blogging content through their networks.

Below are powerful steps that will help you convert more readers into loyal subscribers.

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10 Tips For Bloggers To Boosting The Number Of Blog Subscribers

1.  Use Google Analytics

Checking your Google Analytics will provide you with crucial information on the most visited pages in your blog. According to statistics, the two pages that get the most traffic are the homepage and about pages. For many bloggers, they prefer to show the most recent blog posts on their homepages, along with sidebar items. Smart bloggers prefer to use the homepage as a “landing page” that will help them get visitors onto their email lists. Another tactic involves using your blog’s about page. If this is one of the popular pages on the blog, you should seriously consider adding an email opt-in form to it, especially at the bottom, along with a personal message.
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2.  Creating dedicated sign up pages

One more thing you should do to turn your visitors to loyal subscribers is creating several attractive dedicated sign up pages. Advantages of using multiple pages include: You can find out which pages convert the most You can increase your overall conversions The elimination of distractions such as sidebars and menus from landing pages An opportunity to create excellent SEO content for the landing pages Ability to add optimized videos and images Ability to add testimonials

3.  Creation of an explicit subscription button/opt-in form

Remember that you should make it easy for your visitors to find out how they can opt-in to your blog. This calls for displaying clear call-to-action modules that will help them subscribe, along with a one-field, simple opt-in form close to the top of the blog. It is critical that your visitors do not jump over hoops to subscribe. Make it stand out and right in their faces.

4.  Provide the value of subscribing

For a new visitor to your blog, you need to convince him or her that it is worth their time to come back again and again. Like any other typical call-to-action, demonstrate the value of subscribing to your blog. Explain what and how the visitor is going to benefit upon subscribing.

5.  Offer incentives

To boost subscribers, do a push like a dedicated email, or social media campaign and offer incentives for subscribing such as a coupon, downloads, or an eBook. Set up your dedicated landing page to reward subscribers with exclusive offers.

6.  Add footer to every blog article

For every blog article, create and add a text-based footer that will act as a call to action for subscribing to your blog. When your visitor finishes reading your content and finds the article interesting or valuable, you need to capture them while they are still excited.

7.  Leveraging social proof

“Social proof” is an assumption that people will be greatly influenced by the behaviors of others. Getting a third-party validation is a strong motivator for your blog’s prospects’ and visitors’ actions. Leveraging your social proof will help boost subscribers by showing the number of subscribers already accumulated by your blog. This makes the visitor think, “If so many have already subscribed to this website, maybe I should!”

8.  Make your blog content easy to share

Let the reader do some work for you. One indirect way of boosting your subscribers is by making social sharing of your content simple. Adding social share buttons to every post published will help your reader promote your blog through their networks. This in turn means an expansion of your blog’s reach beyond the current subscribers, followers, and fans.

9.  Commitment to high-quality content

In reality, you will never be able to convince your readers to become part of your regular following if they are not impressed by your blog content’s quality. Commit yourself to increasing content quality on your blog. According to expert bloggers, publishing a “quantity of quality” provides you a distinct advantage over all other blogs vying for your reader’s attention.

10.  Consistency

One of the fastest ways you can increase your subscriber base is by consistently publishing content. Your subscribers expect some level of regularity, if you do not publish blog content regularly, they will not see the value of subscribing. Failing to be consistent in your posting will also see you lose subscribers that you had worked so hard to get.


These are the top 10 steps for boosting your blog subscribers. If you are not implementing a few of them, the time to start is now.

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