How To Start An Online Store

Would you like to learn how to create your own free online store? An online store lets you sell your products all over the world to whatever audience you want to sell to! SITE123 empowers you to create an online store with its effective online store builder!

When making your own ecommerce website, you can sell all kinds of products as well as variations of those products to whatever countries and parts of the world you want to sell. You can also add product options for your products, greatly expanding the options your clients have as well as customizing your tax and shipment options to establish your market. You can also establish what kind of payment options you would like your customers to have when purchasing products.

First you want to make a online store website! This is how to do it:

  1. Go to the SITE123 stores page and click the “BUILD YOUR STORE” button.

     SITE123 stores

  2. Choose the “Online Store” Category.

    Choose the Category 
  3. Enter your website (Online Store) name.

    Online Store name 
  4. Fill in your name, email, and password.

    name, email, and password

  5. Click to accept the User Agreement and then click to open your website!

  6. Now that you have opened your new online store, it is time to start uploading your products! These are the key steps to creating your new online store:
    Add New Products to your Store
    Setting the Payment Methods
    Choose your Store Currency

  7. Let's get started on making your new online store. We’ll go through the above steps and how to do them below:

    Add New Products - Click Edit to Access your Store page - Then you can either click “+Add New Product” to add a new product to your store, or click EDIT under an existing product to replace or add information in it. You can create and assign your products to different categories, clicking and dragging them to change their order and placement.

    Store settings

    Choosing The Store Currency - When you select the payment methods tab on the left, you will be able to set the currency type for your online store at the top. This will be the currency that your online store accepts for transaction. You should choose the currency that best suits your customer base and then continue on to the payment methods.

    Choosing Store Currency

    Setting The Payment Methods - Picking the right payment methods is important for setting up how your customers will pay you for your goods. You have a lot of options with SITE123, including: phone call, wire transfer through banks, paypal, and one of three credit card processors - stripe, 2checkout, and braintree!

    Payment Methods

    The internet is the future of modern business as global communication becomes the operative standard for merchants large and small. Taking advantage of our easy-to-use store tools will make your website better for you and your business.