How do I manage my orders and products?

To manage your store's orders, you go to your dashboard and click the STORE button to access it. To manage your store's products, you need to click the EDIT button for your store and go into the specific products to change their settings. 

Can I use Paypal with my online store?

Absolutely! Paypal is one of the most widely accepted online payment solutions in the world, and SITE123 easily lets you connect your store Paypal account directly to your SITE123 online store.

Are bank wire transfers available for payment for my store?

Yes they are! You can insert your bank wire details into your online store settings to give you an offline option to online payment solutions.

Can I choose between different currencies for my online store?

Yes you can, from over 80 different currencies!

Can I implement a conversion code to help my online store?

Yes you can. The conversion codes can be used to help you understand where your clients are coming from and how to improve your online business.

Will I be able to create and manage coupons?

Absolutely. These coupons give you lots of options like amount of uses, specific amount or percentage based discount, expiration date, etc. and are a very useful tool for your online store.

What kind of store product options do I have available?

You have many store product options available with SITE123's online store builder, and you can add them easily to any product you add to SITE123.

Is there custom pricing per product? How can I do this?

Yes, you can customize the pricing of each product. Beyond setting the individual product's price, you can add product options. These product options can each have an associated price value which will add to the base product's price tag. 

What is your category tool and how can I use it for my store?

The category tool acts like a menu which you can insert that allows you to sort products into different sections. You can use it to easily sort your store into different categories, like cosmetics, clothing, outdoor equipment, etc. 

Am I able to customize my shipping and tax rates for my products?

Yes, you can. You can alter the shipping methods and tax rates depending on country. These settings can be found in the store and adjusted at any time!

Which Gateway companies can I integrate my online store with?

SITE123 includes three different Gateway companies for use with your online store. These include: 2Checkout, Braintree, and Stripe. These are major credit card processors that can process credit cards from all over the world and make SITE123 an excellent choice for accepting credit card payments with your online store.

Do you offer the selling of Digital Products? How do I gain access to this?

Yes, you can sell digital products with SITE123. In order to do this, you need to have a professional or gold plan. Once you have this plan, you can upload digital products that you wish to sell. Once a client pays for them, they will receive a download link where they can download it for 30 days.

Do you have a Store Inventory system for your store? How do I use it?

Yes we do! The inventory system allows for manual or automatic tracking of inventory, giving our users this vital option that lets SITE123 customers set up their store just the way they want!

What is the difference between an automatic and manual store inventory tool? How do I use each?

You can manually or automatically track your inventory with our SITE123 system. Regardless of which system you decide to use, you will be able to efficiently manage your product inventory in SITE123's eCommerce system.

What is the Display Related Products feature? Can I use it on my website?

The display related products feature is a great tool that lets you list up to 3 products that are similar on any product's preview page. This can encourage clients to continue shopping and spend more time on your website, increasing the likelihood of more purchases.

What plan do I need to have for an Online Store?

Any plan allows you to have an online store, from free to gold! The higher your plan though, the more customer orders you can view and the more features you have. An advanced plan allows you to accept online payment methods, while the professional plan lets you sell digital goods. 

What level of plan do I need to allow online payments to my online store?

To allow online payments to be allowed for your online store, you need to have an advanced type plan or higher.

Can I use multiple different payment options for my online store?

Yes! You can use a combination of Paypal, one of the major credit card processors, bank wire transfer, and offline call orders all together in order to make sure your customers have a lot of options when it comes to paying you for your goods or services!

What kind of coupons can I create for my customers?

You can create coupons that are based on percent or based on a specific sum. You can also set the coupons to only be available under specific circumstances and available until a specific time.

Can I add value to product pricing based on different features?

Yes! You do this through the product options tool. When you add a product option, you can enter a financial amount that this adds in price to the base product.

Can I have multiple images for each product I sell?

Yes you can, you can upload multiple images for each product you have in your store.

Can I have multiple stores on one website?

Yes you can, and each store can be about selling a different type of good or service! To place multiple stores on a page, simply go to ADD PAGES and add a store page more than once. You can then manage each store page differently.