Do you have Blog Templates available for users?

 Yes we do! You can check out our many blog templates by clicking here, clicking the START HERE button, and browsing through our blog templates. 

What is the Comment System like with your Blog Tool?

 SITE123's comment system is made to get people talking while you create a free blog. It is simple, effective, and lets you chat with your blog readers right away.

Are blog comments automatically or manually confirmed?

 That is your choice! You have the option of manually approving each comment or setting the system to automatically approve all comments. You can manage the comments regardless of which system you use at any time through the blog settings. 

Can I reply to my posting readers with my own comments?

 Yes you can! Replying to your readers with the SITE123 system is built-in to our platform and designed to be easy for you. Responding to your audience promotes engagement and will make your blog grow in popularity and in SEO potential. Try it out today!

Am I able to schedule blog posts to be released at specific times?

 Yes! The schedule blog post tool gives you the option of setting the exact date and time you want your blog posts to be released. You can plan ahead with what content you want to release and organize the intended direction and message you want to send with your blog with this tool.

Can users comment on my blog using Facebook or Disqus?

 Absolutely! Facebook and Disqus both offer excellent blog reply systems for your users to keep in touch with you. Regardless of which system they want to use, this lets your audience stay in touch with you that much easier.

What options for RSS sharing are available?

 All SITE123 blogs come automatically with their own RSS link. These RSS (Really Simple Syndication) links can be inserted by your audience into their RSS readers so they can monitor every update you make to your blog, making sure your community knows when you have something to say!