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Editing Your Gallery Page

Using the Gallery Page you can add different types of media, like images and videos to your website.

To edit the page:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages.
  2. Locate your Gallery page, or add it as a new page, and click on the Edit button next to it. 
  3. You can categorize your photos into different albums. To add a new category album, in the sidebar under Album write the name of the album and click on the Add button.

  4. To add different media types, click on the Add Media button. Select your preferred option from the list under Media Type and upload from your computer, external sources, or from YouTube/Vimeo.

  5. Click on the Pencil Icon on the image or video to add a Title, Description, External Link, and Custom Thumbnail for a video. You can also adjust the image focus point, rotate it, and delete it.

  6. Click on Design to change the layout of the page. Depending on the layout you choose, you can Customize it to your liking:
    • You can set the Number of images in a row on desktop and mobile devices.
    • If you select a slideshow layout, you can set the Display Type as Standart or set it to Carousel, choose if you want it to Auto-Play when the page is loaded and define the Interval between changing images.

Please note:

  • To change the position of an image, click on the image and drag it. To move an image to another album, drag it to the desired album in the sidebar.

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