Whether selling to thousands, or providing bespoke individual orders, it’s essential that your customers have the option to use such a useful facility.


Effectively Manage Your Orders and Products
Just like any physical store, you’ll always want to be able to control and change the products you sell online. Your customers will expect a combination of old favorites and new choices, and providing this will encourage them to both return and tell others to pay you a visit. Using the SITE123 e-commerce package content to sell products online offers you the flexibility you need to deliver this vibrant marketplace.

Every moment that your ecommerce site is lacking a PayPal facility is likely to cost you sales. It is now accepted as a way to pay as much as cash or checks were in past times. Luckily, becoming a PayPal ecommerce site is quickly accomplished, thanks to the SITE123 easy and swift integration tool. Thus one of the key obstacles to your completing a sale with the customer who has just clicked through to your cart has been removed – and the money can flow! How to get paid? With PayPal is an obvious answer.

Wire Transfer
If online credit/debit card payment methods are not popular in your area, there is always an offline alternative - include your bank account details in the order procedure and let your less technologically advanced clients enjoy your services using the good old bank transfer option.

Selection of Currencies
SITE123's ecommerce module is targeting a variety of customers, therefore there is a wide choice of internationally and locally accepted currencies to pay with and this list is growing. You can simply go to your store settings and select the relevant currency, depending on the region you are working in.

Adjust Your Store's Design
Just like any shop window display in the real world, you’ll expect to be able to adjust the design and appearance of your store to suit your market and customers. You’ll be able to use the ecommerce website builder to great effect and create the shopping cart that best reflects your needs.

Conversion Code
It’s important to know exactly how best to sell products online. The key is to be able to crack the code and turn casual visits into sales-gaining conversions. This is yet another great feature you can use with the SITE123 ecommerce website builder suite of tools. It allows you to create and deliver exactly the site you require. Becoming one of the most productive online stores you know should be your goal, and effective conversion code is one powerful step towards achieving this.